How Electronics Affect Your Childs Brain

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Ever wonder how electronics affect your child brain? With all the devices out there iPads, iPhones, tablets and all the time that our children are on them whether it be an educational app or a game app. What is truly happening to their brains? Are you having an uneasy feeling that playing on devices is bad for your child’s brain? It is much worse than you think!

I have to admit I was one of those moms! I knew it wasn’t good for them but didn’t really know how the devices were effecting my children. I had noticed some not good behavior with my children for quite some time now. Easily angered, lack of concentration, not playing with there toys, easily annoyed with each other, no motivation to play of be creative and not wanting to do there school work. I got to thinking they are on devices way to much lately, which is my fault! I would reward them with one hour of device time if they finished their school. Well I would get busy and the one hour turned into a couple of hours so I could get things done around the house. After about a month of doing this the kids started getting very angry when I would say their time was up especially my little guy who is 7. It would get really ugly! He didn’t want to do his school any more and it was just a huge fight to get him to do anything, he wanted a device ALL the time! I needed help, so I called a family friend and she had mentioned to me about frontal lobe over stimulation. I had to do some research to see what I was up against and this is what I found.

We all know how important playing video games and having time on the iPad or iPhone is to your child. But what most of us don’t know is the profound negative lasting effects they have on a growing brain.

Here is a list of symptoms electronic screens can cause……

  1. Irritability
  2. Poor concentration
  3. Inability to complete tasks, or follow directions
  4. Trouble organizing oneself (getting ready for bed or school, gathering and sorting homework or schoolwork)
  5. Difficulty with math or reading
  6. Temper tantrums, poor frustration tolerance, meltdowns, falls apart over the smallest things
  7. Stunted creativity, especially noticeable with activities they used to enjoy
  8. Easily bored
  9. Annoyed easily by normal sensory experiences ( being in a crowd, sitting closely to someone, sensitive to sounds)
  10. Poor impulse control
  11. Feeling anxious or stressed over small things
  12. Overwhelmed with normal daily demands
  13. Oppositional defiant behaviors

Interactive screen activities can overwhelm the nervous system by  disrupting the body clock, brain chemistry, blood flow, hormone balance, and stress levels. The brain goes into a state of chronic stress or “survival mode”. In this state, blood flow gets shunted away from the more developed areas such as the all important frontal lobe, to more primitive areas that control behavior through fear and instinct, keeping the brain on “high alert” This happens more quickly in children.

Here’s some basic science explaining why video games are damaging to your child’s brain:

Eyes: The eyes connect the outside world directly to the brain. That is why video games can cause seizures in some children. Electronic screen are unnaturally bright with vivid colors. this attracts the eye, but the eyes and the brain were not made to handle this intense stimulation. One change that occurs as a direct result is the signals that tell our brains to go to sleep don’t get triggered, and insomnia often results.

Brain Development & the Frontal Lobe: The evidence is mounting that active video gamers’ frontal lobes do not develop properly.Why is this so alarming? Because adolescence is the time the frontal lobe develops most actively, and it determines personality, impulse control, empathy, planning, and reasoning abilities. Basically , all the things we need to succeed in life! Even cell phone usage and texting have been shown to negatively impact frontal lobe function.

Body: Because our brain thinks we are in fight or flight mode, the body sends out stress hormones which are toxic to every organ in our bodies. These hormones affect our sleep, learning, and memory.

Brain and Mood: Anything electronic causes irritability. There are multiple mechanisms causing these mood changes. Frontal lobe blood flow, hormones, and brain chemicals like dopamine all contribute to the irritable mood you see after your child plays on a device. When then child is playing the brain releases feel good chemicals (dopamine) and when they stop, they are in a relative state of withdrawal. The child might be tearful, irritable, disorganized, depressed and feel they can’t concentrate.

I found this awesome website  I found out so much information on her sit! You really should check it out!

I signed up to do her program to reset your child’s brain. When you sign up you will receive an email every day with different information on how electronics effect your child and some helpful advice on some obstacles you may face while keeping electronics away from your kids. Wow! I have seen a difference in my children already! They are being more creative, less fighting and frustration, way better sleep patterns. It has only been one week with no devices! It has not been that easy for the kids, they have been going through withdrawals, poor little things. They still ask if they can play on a device. My job is to distract them and get them set up on a craft or doing a puzzle or playing a game of cards. It has been fun I can tell they are enjoying each others time more!

Take the challenge and do the reset your brain program I promise your kids will be different children! To sign up for Dr. Dunckley’s reset click on her name above. Lets help our children have a brighter, more relaxed mood, get along better with pears, increased creative energy, have improved sleep!

Comment  below and let me know if you are taking the plunge to no devices. I would love to hear your feed back on how your children are doing without a device and if you see any difference in them. We are in this together for the better of our children!


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  1. Aprill | 24th Apr 16
    Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Nicole Escat | 25th Apr 16
    Never know some before! Thanks. My son is getting addicted to his phone watching youtube videos. I need to lessen his addiction.
  3. Lawrence Hamilton | 25th Apr 16
    My son likes his video games. I've been slowly decreasing his video game time for other purposes. But after this post, he'll be playing them a lot less. He also likes to be outside taking off at full speed and with the weather getting warmer, it's the perfect time to counter those video games.
    • | 25th Apr 16
      It's hard in the winter months to get them outside. Trying to think of crafts or Lego building projects to keep them off video games is not always easy. Now that the weather is warmer makes it all much easier? I'm glad this post helped give you some insight?

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